Thursday, May. 28th 2020

Thursday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Today's Mass Readings

“Father, they are your gift to me.” John 17: 24

This is a profound and touching statement of our Lord! And it includes us – we are the Father’s gifts to Jesus. God the Father, by his graces, gives us over to the saving, redeeming love of his Son.

One of the things this means for us is that we never forget the Providential care of God. St. Benedict reminds his monks of this when he calls them to ‘to shun forgetfulness.’ This is another way to say, as we go about our days, to get in the habit of being open to the inspirations of grace that come within us. These inspirations are all too easily pushed aside by seemingly more important things we have to do. But in reality, by the work of the Holy Spirit, they are suggestions of God’s Providence, guiding us and encouraging us. The Father sees where all things are headed and sees us in this view.

In the tradition of the Church’s spirituality, this openness to Divine inspirations is what we call unceasing or incessant prayer. It is simply a willingness to pray, to listen to God, to talk to God, at the drop of a hat, anyplace, anytime. We allow the Holy Spirit to pray in us at any time or place, anchoring us in the care of our Father who gives us over to the redeeming work of his Son, forgiving our sins and drawing us ever more deeply into divine love and his forgiving, healing action. How special we are – to Jesus and to the Church!

The Father’s providential care is over us in all the circumstances of our lives. He has chosen us. We are his gifts to Jesus and his Church. Can we remember this when we are tempted to fear the future?

Reflection by Fr. Xavier Nacke, OSB

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