Saturday, May. 23rd 2020

Saturday of the Sixth Week of Easter

Today's Mass Readings

Apollos comes from Alexandria to preach for “the way of the Lord.” He was an authority on scriptures and spoke with “an ardent spirit.” He spoke boldly in synagogues. He still had more to learn though. Aquila and Priscilla heard him speak, and they took him aside to offer him correction. Despite his great ability, he had the humility to be open to learning. After this, he was emboldened to continue his mission into Achaia. We can learn from the humility of Apollos. No one has the perfect ability and we can always learn more. There will always be things we don’t know and it takes humility to grow in life. 

Apollos received further instruction so he could continue preaching the Gospel. He was “encouraged” by the brothers of the Christian community as he continued his journey. St. Paul traveled to Phrygia, giving strength to all the disciples there. This all proves one thing; we cannot get to Heaven on our own. We all have a unique identity and many gifts to share. Yet, we cannot get into an “only God and me” way of thinking. We need strength from an authentic source of community.

In this way, Jesus strengthened His followers. He spoke to them first in parables. Then He let them know all that the Father had taught Him. He drew His disciples into a trusting relationship of selfless Agape, which would unite them to God the Father.

For the Father himself loves you, because you have loved me
and have come to believe that I came from God.

This is the intimate relationship that Jesus draws His followers towards. Isn’t it amazing how Jesus, the Son of God, invested so much of His time and focus on His few disciples? This is an amazing secret to Christian life. Christianity spreads not by focusing on a huge number of people. Christianity spreads by investing personally in a few followers. 

Curtis Meyer founded the Fellowship of Catholic University Students with the ideal that you convert by evangelizing a few people at a time with genuine attention and respect. This strategy has touched the lives of thousands of young Catholics, and this organization is continuing to grow across the United States. This way of calling others to Christ doesn’t only work for college students. It is something that works in parishes and communities and in family life as well. You don’t bring people to Christ by faceless campaigns aimed at people in mass numbers. The way to bring people to Christ is to focus on a few people in a personal manner. This is the truest and most pure way to convert others to Christianity. So, consider your place in your own Christian community. How do you give strength to others as Paul did? Are you like Apollos, willing to learn from others regardless of how much you have achieved? Take these questions to your prayer today.

Reflection by Br. Matthew Marie, OSB

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