Monday, Jun. 22nd 2020

Monday of the Twelfth Week of Ordinary Time

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In yesterday’s reflection, the twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time, we reflected on the need to fear no one and to boldly proclaim the truth. Today, we continue along that same path. For any journey to begin, one must, as you would expect, start at the beginning. This journey’s beginning is the self.

Jesus warns us that if we judge, we will be judged in a similar manner and that, too often, we judge before examining our own issues. If we are willing, as we hoped for yesterday, to learn, to proclaim, and to love the truth for the sake of others, we must first accept it; remove the beam of falsehood from our eyes before we attempt to proclaim to others.

This is, of course, not easy. It means change – real, practical, change. This means, as we take the time to learn and examine what Church teaches, we must also confront those issues that we find difficult. Encounter them, examine them, question them, then do the same within ourselves. Why do we find it difficult? What experiences lead us to that position? We must ask: is it possible that I’m wrong?

If we believe that Christ in fact founded the Church, entrusted it to the apostles and their successors, and gave the Holy Spirit to protect it from errors regarding faith and morals, should we not then, even if it is difficult, accept that teaching as truth? Accept it even over what the world tells us, our friends tell us, or what we even tell ourselves?

We will see clearly or judge correctly if we are blind to the truth. Take the time to encounter truth and be changed.

Reflection by Fr. Etienne Huard, OSB

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